Engine and structucal repairs

The Machine Repair Shop Riikonen provides the following services for heavy vehicles and working machines, regardless of their make:

  • engine service
  • collision repairs for heavy vehicles
  • gearbox, clutch and transmission repair
  • troubleshooting for ABS brakes and brake repairs - we are an authorised brake repair shop
  • wheelbase changes and bogies for heavy vehicles and trailers
  • repairing of air conditioning equipment
  • body straightening and structural repairs as well as changes for lorries and trailer lorries
  • structural and mechanical repairs for trailers, carriages and hydraulic work equipment
  • excavator and wheel machine service
  • repair and inspection service for driving and tachographs and speed limiters
  • repairing of air conditioning equipment
  • inspection service and inspections of heavy vehicles
  • planning and implementation of gravel cassette combinations and other structures and trailers
  • bucket manufacturing and sales of spare parts for excavators, telescopic handlers and wheel loaders
  • manufacturing, variations and repair work of cargo platforms, loading pallets, gravel pallets and platforms for forestry equipment
  • painting of heavy vehicles

Our goal is to find the best and most cost-efficient solution for the client in every situation. Welcome to visit us and request a quote for various RIIKO® products that can help you to improve the profitability of your vehicles and their user-friendliness considerably. See the subpages for photos of special solutions implemented based on clients' requests and of structures, such as timber furnishing, gravel furnishing and trailers designed for heavier vehicles.