The Energy Truck® is a trailer suited for the tractor of any lorry make. The length of the platform can be between 6 and 8 metres, and its height between 3 and 3.2 metres. The furnishing of a new car mostly includes a subframe package, a hydraulic system and a structure for fitting a crane. New furnishing for a used tractor or, for example, an old timber truck is tailored according to current needs.

The RIIKO® Energy Truck has been developed optimally with regard to lightness and volume. Loading is made easier by using a structure that slides inside the platform. The Energy Truck equipment suits lots of transportations requiring maximum volume, such as peat, logging waste and energy wood transportations.

The Energy Trailer® is a multi-purpose trailer, making it possible to utilise the legally accepted maximum length (13.6 m) and still load the trailer easily, thanks to the platform that slides inside.