RIIKO® Products

The manufacturing and repairing of different trailers and carriages is currently an important part of the business operations of the Machine Repair Shop Riikonen. They are manufactured and fixed specifically for contractors' special needs.

RIIKO® Energy Truck

RIIKO® Energy Truck is suited for the tractor of any lorry make. The length of the platform can be between 6 and 8 metres, and its height between 3 and 3.2 metres. The furnishing of a new car mostly includes a subframe package, a hydraulic system and a structure for fitting a crane. New furnishing for a used tractor or, for example, an old timber truck is tailored according to current needs.

The RIIKO® Energy Truck has been developed optimally with regard to lightness and volume. Loading is made easier by using a structure that slides inside the platform. The Energy Truck equipment suits lots of transportations requiring maximum volume, such as peat, logging waste and energy wood transportations.

RIIKO® Energy Trailer

The RIIKO® Energy Trailer is a versatile and competitively priced solution for transporting high-volume loads. It has an energy-efficient design. The Trailer has been designed to meet the transport-related regulations and professional requirements for easiness, lightness and wear resistance.

RIIKO® Tail Assembly Stands

We manufacture tail assembly stands required for crane fitting. The stands are tailored according to the needs of the truck and the crane and either equipped with cylinder locking or as a fixed structure. Our selections include established models with basic dimensions for a competitive price - for more information, please contact us!

RIIKO® Buckets

We provide machine contractors with tailored products, such as excavator buckets. When the products have been developed by an experienced machine repair professional, the planners' aim has been to improve the weaknesses noticed during years of repair and service work. That is also the case with regard to RIIKO® buckets. Their brackets have been designed to endure, and the structure of the bucket has been strengthened with torsionally rigid special steel. You can also ask for wearing parts, such as lip plates and bucket parts!