RIIKO® Products

Looking for new use for your transportation equipment or a solution for a structural problem

RIIKO® is a product brand owned by Konekorjaamo Riikonen Oy that most people have seen in truck trailers, lorry platforms, cranes or work machinery. It mostly refers to transportation accessory series that can be assembled for commercial vehicles module by module.

When needed, we also tailor trailers with demountable platforms, heavy-duty trailers, cassette trailers, different pallets for transportation as well as cranes and gantries for loading. Further information on our tailored products contact +358 400 371 204 or jari.riikonen@riiko.fi

Innovative RIIKO® structures do it: change a gravel truck to a timber truck, or a timber truck to a peat truck. Or extend your timber truck with a RIIKO® Energy Truck, which has been designed for transporting energy wood and logging waste as cost efficiently as possible. See also: Energy Trailer® and RIIKO® tail installation stands!

Our experience with repair work is the key to the development of new and improved products.