• Heavy-duty equipment expert

    Heavy-duty equipment expert

    Over 30 years old Konekorjaamo Riikonen Oy. We are also known for our RIIKO® products across the country.

  • One of the biggest heavy-duty repairshop in Finland!

    One of the biggest heavy-duty repairshop in Finland!

    Service and repair work for commercial vehiclesregardless of the makes involved, as well as repairing of work machines andlifting equipment.

  • RIIKO® products tailored for contracting needs

    RIIKO® products tailored for contracting needs

    Furnishing for gravel or wood handling as well as other innovative structures for lorries make a commercial vehicle versatile.


Over 30 years of experience

The quick reactions and decision-making of the family company and its optimal price-quality ratio have brought us an established clientele.

For more than 30 years, the machine repair shop has been continuously growing, and it has given birth to the machine shop next to it that is now larger than the original repair shop.

Only the best for entrepreneurs

Konekorjaamo Riikonen aims at finding the best and most productive solutions for machine contractors and transportation companies by continuously developing easily convertible accessories for lorries and cranes.

Co-operation with the service machine shop Riikonen operating on the same site brings cost efficiency and speed to the repair shop operations.

Own brand

RIIKO® is a product brand owned by Konekorjaamo Riikonen Oy that most people have seen in truck trailers, lorry platforms, cranes or work machinery.

The RIIKO® tail assembly stand is an excellent example of the company's product development work, which is carried out in co-operation, according to contractors' wishes.

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